Our vision

Imagine using the utility money you spend every month to improve your property.
Envision saving money on utility bills, increasing your property value and making money on your existing roof for a cost close to the same or less than your average monthly utility bill! Call us and get your free consultation Today. Ask for Patrick with 30 years’ experience in the field.
Reasons to have the Green Property Pros to your property for a free consultation-

⦁ To increase the value of your home.
⦁ To save money with the Tax credits available up to 26% of cost yearly in 2020.
⦁ To decrease monthly utilities payments with smart energy improvements.
⦁ To make money by producing your own energy on your existing property.
⦁ 0% down financing with payments less or equal to your average monthly utility bill.
⦁ To stop paying the large electric bill increases of 4 to 7% every year.
⦁ To have emergency power when the electric grid goes down.
⦁ To decrease the stress on your expensive heating, air and roof systems.
⦁ To decrease CO2 emissions and elevate environmental awareness.
⦁ To help the USA become more energy independent with fewer oil imports.
⦁ To use your property to grow food and store rainwater for use.
⦁ To increase your property knowledge through our 30 years of experience.

Our green enhancement is the GREATEST win/win choice a property owner can accomplish today!

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