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We are a green energy and living consulting company with 30 years of industry experience. We have experience in solar, windows, doors, insulation, efficient HVAC systems, smart thermostats, LED lighting, water heaters, home garden, solar barriers, weather stripping, window films, paint finishes, window shades, awnings, tree shades, variable pool motors, home gardens, rain water storage and solar water heaters. We are one of the very few companies that will come to your property and tell you which of these options above will best suit you and your property needs. 

Most other companies need to sell products while they are at your property on the first appointment so they will tell you to buy a certain product right now.  They will specialize in 1 to 4 of the products mentioned above and tell you that these improvements are what you need so sign our paperwork now and let’s get you scheduled 3 times. (sound familiar)
We know this is a big financial decision and respect the fact that it can take time to consider all the details. Our job is to go over all those energy and green improvement details with you as well as help you to finance and or purchase the correct ones. Every property is unique because of its age, sun exposure, property orientation to the sun, current improvements, current R value, building materials, owner resources, owner preferences, average internal temperature, air leakage, exterior paint color to mention a few.  It is important to evaluate all these variables to make the most accurate recommendation for green improvements on your property.

Ask us about the 0 money down financing option to become up to 95% energy independent.   Keep your payment under or close to equal to your average monthly utility bill and pay off your improvements in 7 to 30 years with no monthly payment increases like electric companies. Utility money is being spent every month with no property value increase, energy savings, CO2 savings, environmental benefits or quality of life improvements so start making it work for you and the world!

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