When your searching for insulation your searching for the best R-value you can find for your property. When people search “What Is Insulation R-Value?” it is typically a homeowner or a business owner trying to understand how to insulate their property to save on utilities. Quality insulation which is installed by professionals simply saves on heating and cooling. This translates into lowered utilities and saving money.
We will let you know what insulation will work best for your property during our first appointment in most cases. Some cases will need a little more research based on property characteristics and construction, but we will get you the answers you need to make your best-informed insulation decision.

What does the term “R-Value” Mean?
R-value is a measurement of the thermal resistance of materials. An easy way to understand it is a measurement of how well heat or cold transfers through a given material, such as wood, metal, or more importantly insulation. Insulation’s entire purpose is to restrict the transfer of heat or cold from or into our homes and businesses. Quality insulation options are graded with the R-Value system and the higher the number, the better the insulation is at stopping thermal transfer.

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