Why solar and energy efficient improvements?

FHA and Fannie Mae agree: A solar panel system adds value to your home (if you own the system)

Here’s the top 10 states with the highest solar premiums, according to Zillow’s findings:(CNBC)

  1. New Jersey: 9.9% or $32,281 for the median-valued home.
  2. Pennsylvania: 4.9% or $8,589 for the median-valued home.
  3. North Carolina: 4.8% or $8,996 for the median-valued home.
  4. Louisiana: 4.9% or $7,037 for the median-valued home.
  5. Washington: 4.1% or $15,916 for the median-valued home.
  6. Florida: 4% $9,454 for the median-valued home.
  7. Hawaii: 4% or $24,526 for the median-valued home.
  8. Maryland: 3.8% or $10,976 for the median-valued home.
  9. New York: 3.6% or $10,981 for the median-valued home.
  10. South Carolina: 3.5% or $5,866 for the median-valued home.

This conservative graph is one terrific reason!

When you go solar, you protect yourself from rising electric costs by ‘locking-in’ your low fixed monthly payment for the term of your loan. As the utility company continues to increase the electricity rates, you continue enjoying the savings from your solar system. The biggest savings start when your solar system is paid off. Solar panels are manufacturer warrantied for 25 years but have a useful life of up to 40 years or more.

Smarter Investment

With up to 18% IRR (Internal Rate of Return), solar is a better investment than stocks and bonds. And your property value appreciates up to 6%. The returns are even greater if you do the 0 down financing and use your utility rental money to finance your energy improvements.

Be a Hero

Help the environment. You can offset 250,000 pounds of CO2, equivalent to planting 21,700 sf of trees sf of trees.

Protect Yourself from Rising Electricity Rates!

Like anything else in life, electricity rates are increasing as well. The national average rate increase is 4% and it is anticipated to increase 100% in the next 25 years. You can protect yourself from rising electric costs. Rather than buying expensive electricity from the utility company for the rest of your life, you can install a solar system on your roof that produces clean power and generates money every month.

How Solar Works

We can change sunlight directly to electricity using solar cells. Every day, light hits your roof’s solar panels with photons (particles of sunlight). The solar panel converts those photons into electrons of direct current (“DC”) electricity. The electrons flow out of the solar panel and into an inverter and other electrical safety devices. The inverter converts that “DC” power (commonly used in batteries) into alternating current or “AC” power. AC power is the kind of electrical that your television, computer, and toasters use when plugged into the wall outlet.
A net energy meter keeps track of the all the power your solar system produces. Any solar energy that you do not use simultaneous with production will go back into the electrical grid through the meter. At night or on cloudy days, when your system is not producing more than your building needs, you will consume electricity from the grid as normal. Your utility will bill you for the “net” consumption for any given billing period and provide you with a dollar credit for any excess during a given period. You can carry your bill credit forward for up to a year

How Net Energy Metering Works

At any time of the day, a customer’s solar system may produce more or less electricity than they need for their home or business. When the system’s production exceeds the customer demand, the excess energy generation automatically goes through the electric meter into the utility grid, running the meter backwards to credit the customer account. At other times of the day, the customer’s electric demand may be higher than the renewable energy system is producing, and the customer relies on additional power needs from the utility. Switching between solar system’s power and the utility grid power is instantaneous and customers never notice any interruption in the flow of power.

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