Energy Star windows and Doors

ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, and skylights can reduce your energy bills up to 15% while helping protect the environment.

ENERGY STAR qualified products that help homeowners save money on energy bills, and for reducing greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing. Also, ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, do more than just lower energy bills-they deliver more comfort, create less condensation, and protect your valuables from sun damage better than conventional clear-glass double-paned alternatives.

Which is why, when you choose Energy star rated windows and doors, you know you’re getting energy-efficient products that help reduce the transfer of heat, so your house requires less energy for heating and cooling. And since the durability of these products reduces maintenance, painting and the need for replacement, they help save resources and energy in the long run.

Hurricane and impact windows.

The use of impact windows in Florida has grown in recent years due to their durability, dependability, and protection. For a home or commercial property, impact windows are rigorously tested to meet the specific needs of the location. Impact windows are also financially smart because of how they prevent broken glass and property damage. They may help lower insurance premiums, improve resale value, and increases protection from intruders as well as UV rays.

If you want to protect your home against a hurricane, there are many ways a homeowner can choose to do so. Some of the many options you have available to you include plywood, shutters, using window film, or purchasing hurricane windows. The Miami-Dade County hurricane impact test is what is currently used as the gold standard in testing windows.

If the products that are being tested meet or exceed the Miami-Dade County test (, they are appropriate for any areas that might be affected by severe weather conditions. Not only against hurricanes, but also against tornadoes, and other high wind and dangerous weather conditions that are of a similar nature to hurricanes.

As a homeowner, you must keep in mind you are trying to protect yourself, your family, and your property. If you live in Florida, or any other coastal areas in the US, it is best to prepare for the possibility of wind speeds that can reach 110 miles per hour, and possibly exceed this figure as well. Although the wind test that is done is not a guarantee that the windows will survive any hurricane, the test is specifically designed to test the specific conditions during a hurricane, and they should be able to survive these weather conditions. If they are impact survivable, this should help increase the odds of home survivability as well. By protecting the structural shell of the home, you live in or your business, this is going to greatly increase the odds of being able to save the entire structure that you are trying to protect. If winds get into the structure, the possibility for damage and destruction are much higher. For this reason, protecting all openings of any structure, is something that is very important for home and business owners to do.

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